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Want to know something crazy? Well, three years ago today… we hadn’t met.

I didn’t yet know the beautiful black-haired man who now supports my crazy whims each day and who cooks a healthy supper for me each night – and he hadn’t yet met the brown-eyed bundle of chaos (yeah, that’s me) who would turn his world upside down while simultaneously bringing calm and meaning to this crazy adventure called life…

We met on June 15th, and neither of us will ever forget it (the full story of how our love story began).. He told me he was falling in love with me within days of our first encounter… and for a week or so my brain couldn’t settle on whether I thought he was crazy, or absolutely perfect. Three years later, I can say with confidence that he’s a lovely mix – perfectly crazy ?

I met his entire family within the month we first met. In fact, I met them all on the 4th of July – W’s maternal grandparents always have the whole crew over (they fly in from all over the United States) for a day of swimming, grilling, cigars, stories and fireworks.

The first time I laid eyes on my sweet husband I knew I wanted him in my life, and I felt the same way upon meeting his family – They’re fun and funny, (and though initially intimidating) remarkably warm and welcoming!

Meeting his family made such an impact on me that when we went to set our wedding date, my first choice was the 4th of July! I pictured the joy of celebrating our anniversary surrounded by family each year, fireworks sparkling in the sky and lots of love and laughter all around! Though we weren’t able to coordinate a 4th of July wedding, it’s still a special day for us (I suppose it’s special to some 300+ million other American’s as well…but that’s beside the point!).

You probably know, W and I find cause to celebrate everything (and in style if we can) – so we decided to plan a “Stars & Stripes Picnic Date”! We ate cake, sipped champagne, enjoyed beautiful red white & blue blooms, and fought off cat-sized ants who threatened to march off with our delectable, patriotic cupcakes!

How will you celebrate the 4th of July this year? A picnic date, a party with friends and family? We’d love to hear your plans and any unique 4th of July ideas you’ve come up with…

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4 thoughts on “Picnic | July 4th

  1. Love this!!! We actually did have 4th of July wedding — well, sort of, 2nd of July so we were able to celebrate our mini-honeymoon on the beach on the 4th!

  2. That is a fantastic love story! The idea of a 4th of July anniversary is awesome, and that’s what every year should bring – family, friends & fireworks to celebrate your love. Perfect!

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