Arriving in Adelboden | Switzerland





The train comes to a halt in Spiez, Switzerland and we haven’t the slightest idea what is in store for us…   Not only does the crisp air shock our lungs but the sights surrounding the train station are, quite literally, breath taking. Down the hill we see the mismatched rooftops and perfectly kept back yard gardens of the cottages overlooking the icy blue, sparkling lake below.    I’m fearful the location of our hotel may be a letdown considering the immense beauty that has met us here in Spiez. As the bus rests, releasing a long hot breath as it draws open its heavy door, it expels us onto the street.    We are instantaneously in love with this town.    At an altitude of nearly 5,000 feet, the streets are pristine and charming. We’re surrounded by shops and restaurants, abundant with locally grown goods and produce. The cool air bites at us as we walk; a welcome guest on this leg of our journey!   Entering the Cambrian Hotel we are greeted by an eclectic but warm atmosphere. With rich grey walls and exposed slate, the place gives off a chic vibe…but the cow skin rugs and crackling fireplaces lend a country feel. The people here are just the same – fashionable yet delightfully down to earth.    The view from our room, though northward facing, does not disappoint – When in Switzerland, there is not a bad seat in the house! The sights, though alluring, still can’t keep my mind off of a long, cozy nap and I plunge into the pure white, divine and oh-so-fluffy duvet, snuggle beneath the sumptuous linens of the freshly dressed bed I’m out, like a light.


Refreshed from our long mid-day snooze, my husband drags the modern-yet-comfy love seat up to the open French doors. We watch the sky drizzle lightly on the lush mountains before us. The distinct Swiss flag flips gently back and forth as we discuss our dinner plans in the cool, thin, afternoon air…



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