Capsule Wardrobes | Ideal For Travel

Capsule Wardrobes | Ideal For Travel CAPSULE WARDROBES | IDEAL FOR TRAVEL




‘Tis the season of S I M P L I C I T Y .

Not only is Spring upon us (finally!), but W and I are also in the midst of moving… into a teeny-tiny, downtown space. So, to call what we’re up to “Spring Cleaning” would be a wild understatement! From furniture to clothing, we’re selling some and donating tons.

Possibly the most difficult, but conversely the most rewarding part: We’re slimming down our wardrobes – BIG time!

Sounds counterproductive that this post is about four NEW fashion pieces from thredUP, but let me explain.. It’s a part of my new plan.. the idea behind which is this: Capsule wardrobes are ideal for travel (and for living a full life, in general).

Have you heard of this new term buzzing about the fashion community, “capsule wardrobe”? I hadn’t, but I’m now on board with the concept and I’m working at making it a reality in my (oh-so-small) new closet.

The term “capsule wardrobe” was coined in the 70’s (by Susie Faux) and has since had it’s ups, it’s downs, it’s transitions and now, possibly, it’s heyday!

Originally meant to be a year-round wardrobe of classic, quality pieces (adding up to about 12) – the term has shifted to a more approachable definition lately.

The current trend is having a well curated, (approximately) 30 piece wardrobe for each season – including shoes & bags! Everything should coordinate in a way that makes mixing and matching super simple.

Minimalism is cool, yes. BUT that’s not the only reason the capsule wardrobe is gaining traction in this day and age…

People are more concerned about their time. Whether you’re a boss-babe (gal or guy) or an adventure-advocate, we’re all looking to save time. Whether you need that time for productivity or for simply soaking up some sun, we’re all in agreement that time is precious. 

And that, my friends, is why I’m on board with the trend. I’ve got a few more reasons as well…

Capsule Wardrobes | Ideal For Travel Capsule Wardrobes | Ideal For Travel

5 Reasons to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

1.     It Saves Time


  • Limiting the time you fuss with your clothing gives you more time for your loved ones and more time for your passions. More time for living life.
  • It also saves you from “decision fatigue”, freeing up your mind for creative and productive thinking. CEO’s and big-wig-success-stories have been embracing a super-minimal trend for a long while. From computer guru Mark Zuckerberg to creatives like Matilda Kahl, many find it liberating to have a uniform. While I cannot get on board with a true “uniform”, no matter how productive or creative it might make me, I CAN and will subscribe to a more minimalistic, mix-and-match wardrobe. (Read Kahl’s uniform story here.. it’s where my curiosity was first piqued on this topic!)

2.     It Saves Money

  • “Fast Fashion” is cheap, but it’s expensive!! When you thoughtfully choose and spend on the few pieces in your wardrobe, you quickly find the desire to BUY BUY BUY has quieted! (Okay, not entirely – but it’s a far less pressing voice when you have clothing that looks and feels great.)


3.     It Saves Space

  • Pretty simple one. Don’t know about you, but I just don’t have room for the mess of a wardrobe I’ve accumulated.

4.     It Saves The Environment!

  • Less shopping = less carbon footprint. (In the case of this post, we’re being extra kind to mother earth by giving new life to previously owned pieces from thredUP!)


  • This one is HUGE for us. I’d say 50% of our trips are last minute.. Last minute packing is usually a massive disaster that ends in 5 times the amount of items you need yet no actual outfits that go together. (Don’t get me started on the amount of “overweight baggage” fees I’ve incurred thanks to last minute packing. It gets downright ugly, I tell you!). A pared-down, simplified wardrobe full of classic, well-fitting, thoughtfully curated pieces that all mix-and-match well makes packing A BREEZE.


Capsule Wardrobes | Ideal For Travel Capsule Wardrobes | Ideal For Travel Capsule Wardrobes | Ideal For Travel

Now, where to begin on creating a capsule wardrobe? I won’t pretend to be an expert on the topic, instead – I’ll send you in the direction that I got started: with a few key pieces from thredUP and help from stylist and fashion blogger Jessica Hall. Check out her personal thredUP picks, read her tips on capsule wardrobes, and consider hiring her to help kick start yours – I found her services absolutely invaluable!

To start, Jessica asked me some basics on what pieces I had or didn’t (had: a great pair of white jeans for spring, didn’t: a quality pair of booties), and then she commenced to shopping for me!

The results: An easy to mix-and-match, comfortable, quality outfit that I can wear almost anywhere!

My new, beloved capsule wardrobe pieces arrived in a colorful, polka-dot box – they were packaged in a darling way and it’s always fun to get (non-bill related) items in the mail!

I can’t decide what thredUP finds are my favorites… maybe the Johnston & Murphy booties that were brand spakin’ new, or the Ralph Lauren jacket that I got for $100 under retail…

Then again, my H&M tee is the softest, easiest thing to throw on – I’m wearing it now! Oh, and my Paige jeans? They were $33 and they are true denim (I’ve been donning those stretchy things lately.. they just don’t hold their shape or hold up to how much I wear them), these babies look good wear after wear. Trust me, since they arrived in the mail I’ve been putting them to the test!

Each piece I added to my wardrobe is versatile, quality, classic and matches my day-to-day style! The condition of these consignment items are amazing, by the way! Makes sense, as thredUP accepts less than 40% of the clothing submitted to the site. Truly like new – but without the crazy cost.

Between the killer deals I got on thredUP and the style help I received from Armoire Consulting (Jessica Hall’s styling company) – starting the plan for my capsule wardrobe was such a pleasant experience!

Resources for getting started on your own capsule wardrobe:


Capsule Wardrobes | Ideal For Travel Capsule Wardrobes | Ideal For Travel

My Final Thoughts On Capsule Wardrobes

A simple wardrobe is freeing. Employing this (somewhat) minimalistic plan to my own life has created room for living more fully, enjoying my travels & thinking creatively! Quality over quantity has always been important to me, but in recent years I’ve gotten carried away with quick & cheap solutions/outfits that have only cluttered and complicated my life. I don’t see myself ever going back to “fast fashion”. I’m sticking to a slim, mix-and-match, classic & curated closet.

Capsule Wardrobes Are Ideal For Travel, Travelers, & Anyone Seeking Simplicity For Living A Full Life!


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Capsule Wardrobes | Ideal For Travel Capsule Wardrobes | Ideal For Travel

Outfit Details: Ralph Lauren Jacket 49.49, H&M Tee 6.49, Johnston & Murphy Ankle Booties 30.99, Paige Jeans (Skyline Skinny) 33.49

Thanks so much to thredUP for encouraging me to explore the idea of a capsule wardrobe! & a MASSIVE thank you to my dear friend and incredible stylist, Jessica Hall (of Armoire Consulting) for shopping for me, always keeping my personal style as well as my wardrobe goals in mind!

We’re upfront folks: We were sponsored by thredUP for this fashion adventure – but, as always, all opinions expressed here are our very own 🙂

Capsule Wardrobes | Ideal For Travel

Below are a few items I wanted, but didn’t snag… Scoop ’em up!

Capsule Wardrobes | Ideal For Travel Capsule Wardrobes | Ideal For Travel Capsule Wardrobes | Ideal For Travel

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  2. I just purged my closet for a garage sale! I need to do it again, then again, then again, then again. I like that you said 30/season…it gives me a goal!

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