Chicago Skyline | Wedding Photography





Though you may conjure up images of hustle and bustle when the city of Chicago comes to mind, there are millions of micro stories ever-unfolding within it. Every minute, around every corner, in every tiny apartment and along each bit of lakeshore, there is a love story in bloom!   Andrea and Mark have called Chicago home for seven years now. They were married and began their journey as husband and wife here amidst the sparkling skyscrapers and along the shores of Lake Michigan. As their story begins to unfold, I realize this isn’t just any marriage celebration session I am photographing… These images are capturing the end of an era, the closing of their chapter here in the Windy City, before they turn the page for yet another adventure in their life together…    Oh, and did I mention that these two showed up in suits, coming straight from downtown, big-city jobs? Before I knew it they spun through the phone booth like superman(and woman) and came out more beautiful and striking than they went in – now donning their “date at the beach” attire! This power couple has it all – charisma, confidence and determination! Their partnership makes them unstoppable, and I’m excited for them as they take on purchasing their first business… Couple-preneurs have my utmost respect and admiration! Their laughter, that skyline… What a dream, and a perfect way to capture the true spirit of Chicago! This trip was all about capturing the love stories of others (we’ll soon share some enchanting images from a Chicago wedding that took place, too!), but we’re coming up on an Windy City adventure of a different sort!


Wilhelm and I have been on separate continents or in different states, apart from one another for the better part of three months… We’re reuniting with an epic weekend in Chicago full of adventure and relaxation (think rooftop cocktails at AIRE, art tours and river cruises!) – The perfect couples getaway at Hyatt Centric The Loop Chicago!

So, here’s to Andrea & Mark’s Chicago celebration and stay tuned for ours that’s just around the corner! (See our Chicago getaway here!)



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