European Honeymoon





Normally at the start of an adventure I would have a dramatic post detailing the grim travel hoopla that is ever-expected when flying internationally (and when going on zero sleep…and after having packed just hours before the flight)…but no such story today!

A tad boring, but we arrived at the Southwest Florida Int’l Airport on time, our bags weighed under the allotted 50lbs and we boarded the flight to Rome, Italy with no complications.

Not only that, but the plane was quite empty so we hustled for a row with extra seats. I made myself a cozy bed with 5 airplane pillows and approximately enough little blue blankets to cover the entire Airbus A330 aircraft and with the help of an Advil PM I woke up 9 hours later to a “Buongiorno” from my gorgeous husband and a lemon muffin top from our lovely flight hostess.

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