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“Working with Brooke was an absolute pleasure. We were lucky enough to have her join us on a team research trip in China focused on understanding Chinese consumers – to do so we immersed ourselves in their daily life, rituals, traditions, and homes and Brooke was able to capture all of it. Though the team that gets to travel always comes back with an extremely rich experience, it can be hard to share that back with the people who did not attend. Brooke’s photos made sure that our experiences were brought to life and could be just as easily understood by the rest of the team.
Having photos is one thing but Brooke’s were special because they so beautifully captured to tone and feel of China and it’s rich culture. Rather than feeling like pure documentation, they really bring to life the spirit and essence of a country and its people which is very hard to do.
A little on Brooke – she was so sweet and thoughtful and such a pleasure to have with us. She was both professional and courteous but warm and open and embraced all the cultural experiences she joined us for. Despite a really unfortunate mishap of having her camera stolen she made great strides to do what was necessary to replace it and stick with the project. Talk about dedication! We are so grateful to her, her commitment, and her energy and recommend her wholeheartedly to other teams looking to capture the essence and experience of work like this!”

Lauren Ruben
Manager, Consumer Market Knowledge at Procter & Gamble 

“I can honestly say we would be lost without Brooke! We are currently running a campaign with her and she takes the majority of our product photography.  She pays so much attention to detail when photographing the product.  She incorporates it into her feed in a way that no one realizes she is actually pitching it, but they still want to buy.  There is so much to be said for someone who can do that because no one wants to follow an account with a constant stream of advertisements.  This is precisely why her following is so loyal and organic. Oh, and I’ve never met anyone that can photograph a candle flame perfectly 10 out of 10 times.  
Another thing to take note of is how much she cares about the brand and product she is pitching.  She researches all of the companies she works with and tries all of the products, we experienced this first hand.  She knows exactly who and what she is dealing with and would never promote anything she didn’t personally believe in.  This means a lot to us because we want our candles and our box featured next to other quality products.
I would recommend a collaboration with the Nomadic Newlyweds to anyone who asked.  It’s hard to find bloggers with the intuition, integrity, & professionalism that she & her husband carry.” 

Adam Ellis
Founder & CEO, Vellabox