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Tell us a bit about you:
We are The Nomadic Newlyweds – in everyday life we go by Brooke and Wilhelm! We met in 2012 and were married just a year later – we’ve packed every moment of our life together with love and travel! We are everyday people, we have careers to work around and bills to pay but we prioritize travel because it invigorates our spirits and fills us with positive energy!

Are you backpackers (budget traveling) or luxury travelers?

We’re both! Our travel accommodation preferences change depending on where we’re off to (and, of course, what the budget is for said adventure!). Whether it be tent, a hostel or a five star hotel we focus on location, location, location! We always choose somewhere that’s in close proximity to a fun walk or a beautiful view.

Where did you go for your first travel experience/holiday?
Within days of meeting one another we were already plotting a California adventure – three months later we hopped on our first flight together! I guess you could say when the love bug bit us, the travel bug did too (Too corny? Sorry!). We spent the mornings strolling Victoria Beach, sharing lattes as the sun rose – and the evenings sipping champagne and dreaming up the life of adventures we were about to set in motion.

Where are you now and where will you go for your next trip?
Currently we are “home” in Des Moines, Iowa! We moved here about six months ago and are enjoying the adventures the beautiful Midwest has to offer! We’ll be making a few journeys that aren’t too terribly far from home in coming months including Wisconsin (mmm, cheese!) and Michigan (swoon-worthy lake views!). 

What is your dream destination and why?
We do not have a dream destination, as much as we have a “dream adventure” that we’d like to take. One of our greatest travel goals is to plan an outrageous international trip that includes both of our families – parents (plus one very spontaneous grandma), siblings and spouses! No matter the final locale of this dream trip, the journey will be an unforgettable one if we can round up the whole crew for one big adventure!


What is your favorite travel picture that you took & what is the story behind it?

 Our all time favorite travel photo is at a spot many travelers have seen, but maybe not that way that we have. Days after we said “I do” we were blessed to visit the Eternal City for our honeymoon. The weather in Rome turned out to be so unbearable that we hatched a plan to stay up and tour the city by moonlight and sleep the days away under the slight relief of a dilapidated old ceiling fan. Every night after we stuffed our faces with pizza, and wandered through some of the worlds most beautiful history, we let the cobblestone streets lead us to the majestic Trevi Fountain. This photo brings back cherished memories of our first days as Mr. and Mrs.! (Click here to check out the post from this Roman adventure!)

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