Infinity Pool Spa | Switzerland





After our brush with death (Okay, Okay…the nude sauna wasn’t that bad, I’m exaggerating a wee bit) we’re ready to cover up.


We slip on our plush white robes and embroidered spa slippers and follow the steam to the enchanting indoor pool. Though the room is created entirely in a deep slate, the flickering candles lining the indigo rectangle are inviting. The tiny lights reflecting off the still pool water twinkle like constellations even in the midst of the day. Around a sharp corner is a small hot tub which appears ordinary… but this, this is the divine portal.

This tiny blue tub is no less than The Wardrobe. It leads to Narnia, plain and simple.    Now bearing bathing suits…not birthday suits, we cast our robes aside as we submerge ourselves into the magical liquid box, dip below a glass window and emerge into a place that can be described only as perfect. Though we have seen the mountains, dined before them, sipped wine at the foot of them – we have even hiked high into their dense mist…We have never seen them like this. It’s as if we have known them in life and now again in a dream – they are brighter and exude a radiance unlike the times we have met before.   The steam rises around us as we glide through the water, the edge of the pool falls off into the mountainside and the alps rise before us, vivid greens with scattered caps of white, powdery snow. The sound of the rushing spa faucet feeding into the pool pairs with the waterfall in the distance – the marriage of the man-made hardware to the raw nature of this valley is staggering.    As we regard the surreal panorama, mere ants in respect to our surroundings, the trickle from above begins to fall in heavy drops – the soft grey sky is opening up.    It’s been a big day: Hiking in the Alps. Getting naked in public. Crossing over into Narnia…   Having nowhere else to be, we’ll lay back and enjoy the fresh air and the unsurpassed view – rain and all.


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