Sunset Gondola | Venice Italy




Having saved the best for last, we embark up on our final Venetian adventure this evening. Though it will undoubtedly be thrice the cost of a day time ride – we have been instructed (by my ever-wise mother and father) that the only way to experience all that a moored gondola has to offer, we must start our trip at sunset. 

Also a tip from my mom: We packed our own bottle of wine and even snuck a few wine glasses from our cozy B&B. I mean, nothing says romance like a Solo cup…but we’re opting for the real deal tonight! 

The waterways are tranquil and still as we glide past stunning buildings unreachable but by boat. Now and again a window is open and we can hear the chatter of a family cooking supper or the notes of a song which we do not know.
As the water slips quickly from minty green into a truly colorless black, I rest my head against my husband’s shoulder, snuggling up, enjoying our final night in Italy. 
After our peaceful gondola ride has ended, we still aren’t ready to call it a night…
As a light breeze sneaks through the windy streets, we are invited to drift closer and closer to the main body of water. What was a parking spot for a gargantuan private yacht just hours before is now all ours. A dock, stretched out into the darkness of the Veneto Lagoon and a seat just two feet above the water calls our names.  
Uncorking our second bottle of white wine (we may have over-prepared for the gondola trip..) we drain the last bit of battery from my archaic phone to play a few of our favorite songs…dangling our feet and bobbing our heads, we sing allowed the words from the song that played during our first dance as husband and wife.

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