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We are honored to be among the 4 traveling couples included in the “Travel Tips for Couples” editorial on and we’re sharing our TOP 2 TIPS here! Be sure to check out the original post to read all 11 pointers for smooth sailing on your next voyage.
Keeping these tips in mind truly helps us experience our adventures more fully – here’s hoping they help you, too! 
1. Schedule Downtime.
Plan out every minute of your adventure…then delete ¼ of the itinerary.  Put RELAX on the calendar…go ahead – write it in! Prioritizing downtime is key to keeping your cool despite the travel blunders that will surely arise. This will help you enjoy your expedition and enable you to savor the company of your travel partner!
2. Be Authentically Spontaneous.
Don’t do it for the photo. Your most beautiful and romantic moments will happen when you aren’t concerned with your social media following.  (That being said – we always have the point-and-shoot camera in an accessible pocket – photos are important, just not more-so than the experience.)  

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