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Just writing to say a quick “hello” & to give you an update on what is coming up here at Nomadic Newlyweds!

  • Emerald Isle Inspiration
    • We’ve been holding back on dishing out our Ireland adventures – but no longer! You’ll be seeing the good, the bad and the down-right ugly (think arriving at 3am in Galway after a loooong day, only to find your online reservation had been over-booked & the only available place in town was going to be 400 Euro…for four hours of sleep!) We’ll tell you how we found created a silver lining for this instance & many more!
  •  St. Augustine Adventures
    • We’ll be scouting out the best spots for romantic wanderings in the nation’s oldest European-settled city! Make it to Europe without leaving the states ?
  • Photography Internship Announcement
    • You know we love taking photos – but did you know our dream is to be photographers together?! (Don’t worry, we weren’t totally aware of this dream until quite recently) We’ll be filling you in on how a once-lost dream of mine reemerged and even inspired my sweet, adventurous husband to check out life behind the lens.
  • Top 10 Skimbaco Moments
    • We live a Skimbaco Lifestyle – and it’s in part thanks to the wonderful team at SkimbacoLifestyle.com, they keep us inspired and informed! We’ll be sharing a really fun post on our Top 10 Skimbaco Moments this month!

Skimbaco Moment:  A moment in which you lived life to the fullest – a time you lived like local in a foreign city or like a tourist in your own hometown – a moment you found extraordinary beauty in something seemingly ordinary!

  • Midwest Micro Adventures
    • It’s heating up to be one sizzling summer in the middle of America – we’ll be bringing you inspiration on keeping it cool: everything from refreshing drink recipes, to picnic ideas and more Midwest micro adventures!
  • Gulf Coast Anniversary Celebration
    • We were married on Marco Island in 2013, and we’re heading back to this casual little island to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! We’ve been meaning to share oodles of Marco Island adventures with you & we’re going to use our anniversary as an excuse to do just that – be on the lookout for tips on everything from where to fish to the best spots for sunset cocktails!
  • “Couples Who Travel” Series
    • Last, but certainly not least, this summer we are introducing a series on real couples who prioritize creating adventures (especially through travel)! These couples are young & old, dating & married, gay & straight, weekend warriors & long-term-travelers… We are hearing from all sorts of lovebirds, all over the world, on why adventure and travel are key to happiness & health in their relationships! 


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Just for fun, an Extra Sneak Peek!

A few images, shot by moi on recent shoots with my ever patient and genius mentor, Alex of Everlasting Love Photography. Cannot wait to bring you more loving & lovely images as we continue on this photography journey!

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  1. Beautiful photos. I so want to go to St. Augustine. Did you know that I’m the Skimbaco Team member who loves weddings. 🙂 I don’t want to photograph them, but just stay in the hotels and go to the weddings. 🙂 Congratulations and we are so excited you are on our team.

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