Best Pizza | Rome Italy





So here’s the deal. When I travel I want to get to know a city. I want an intimate experience with this mystical place I’ve dreamed of. I’m not one for tourist traps, and I don’t search out a mere photo op. I’ll skip the guided day tour for a moment slipped beneath the ropes after closing to get to the real deal any chance I get.   Luckily for me, my sweet and adventurous husband feels the same. We want to walk where the Croatians walk, sip what the Czechs sip & eat what the true blue Romans eat when they sit down for dinner.   Speaking of food…L’archetto. Hands down the best food (and house wine) in all of Rome. You can keep the 5 star hotel rooftop restaurants, when it comes to pizza I gotta have real, Italian pizza. Just steps away from the Fontana di Trevi, L’archetto is perfectly situated. Convenient… yet tucked away from the prying eyes of smelly tourists. (And no, I do not consider Wilhelm and myself tourists, thank you very much. We are explorers, and there’s a great difference).


My dearest friend Annabelle lived here in Rome a few years ago and introduced me to this gem of a restaurant. I’ve been dreaming (absolutely zero exaggeration here) of this pizza regularly since I first tasted it in 2008. Quattro Formaggi. As I sit down to indulge in surely too much pizza, and likely too much wine, I wonder to myself if my better half will fall for this beautiful dish as I have…and if he doesn’t, might I think less of him?! (Just kidding…sort of.)

I can say with certainty that I fell more in love with this handsome, black-haired goof of mine as I watched a mesmerized look grow over his face as he experienced his first bite. Quickly though the look of wonder changed to one of devastation.

As he realized his pasta vodka could never compare, I watched the little wheels turning in his head, “For better or for worse…sharing in want and in plenty…what’s yours is mine? Legally, does 50% of that cheesy deliciousness belong to me!?”.

Man he’s really putting my vows as a wife to the test here!! When all was said and done, I, (somewhat begrudgingly), shared the coveted four cheese pizza and we all but licked the plates clean.


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